Should buy blockbuster video stock

Should buy blockbuster video stock

Posted: Boris Shramko Date of post: 24.05.2017

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Should buy blockbuster video stock, trading options on scottrade | Suva City Council

Should I buy blockbuster stock BBI? Should I buy block buster stock BBI since it is trading so cheap. I know it is risky but do yo think it could be profitable. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? It is on the verge of bankruptcy. You are most likely to loose everything. They are doing very well. NO NO NO NO. If you are wanting to buy stocks, read a balance sheet.

You will see the cashflow for blockbuster has been negative. When earnings are dropping, there are no returns paid to investors. The value of the company is on cash flow. There's a REASON the stock is so low.

Blockbuster and sprint have been bleeding money for years now. Netflix would be better. Still, do your homework before you invest in a company. Read the balance sheet, if the company's stock has been dropping like blockbuster are they doing anything to turn it around? How are they going to increase the revenue to make stock worth buying again?

Look for a company that has good cashflow, and is making money rather than filing bankruptcy. Nobody knows exactly what will happen to BBI. Because if they do, they'll be millionaires and don't have time to answer you! BBI might be going out of business but now now, i believe. Use your own judments. Read article about should buy blockbuster video stock properties in Europe, NCR deploys "blue box" If you want something positive about BBI, I suggest you go to the Yahoo message board for BBI.

These poor fools still support the stock at these levels. Why waste your time on a penny stock on the verge of bankruptcy.

Only amateurs that know little about the stock market would throw their money away like this. Amateurs look at a stock and see how much they can make. Experienced traders look to see how much they can lose.

There are better places to put your money. This is one of the most expensive stocks on the market. The price may be low I would not take the risk on even a few hundred dollars.

Should I buy blockbuster stock BBI? | Yahoo Answers

They will probably go under soon. Too bad, but there management was terrible. They got a lot of customers very angry at them when they wouldn't budge on their late fees. I stopped using intro to forex pdf a decade ago because of that and just went to the competition.

I suspect thousands of others did too. Also, they were to late getting into mail order and missed completely the Red Box phenomena. Bottom line, I wouldn't count on their short sighted management figuring a way out of this either. Share price is NOT the way to determine a good stock investment. If you must buy these stocks, stick with Redbox or Netflix. The core of their business is outdated. Related Questions BBI Blockbuster stocks. Would you buy the stock? Should I buy Blockbuster BBI stock now?

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should buy blockbuster video stock

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